FILM production for television and WEB


At Skylab Productions we aim to deliver you a product

that suits your brand and needs. Working with music from

conception, music and image are fused from the beginning

creating a more cohesive and unified end result.

Moving Picture

Blending art and technology to deliver your message,
product or brand in any medium.

Your production is

in good hands

Our agility and flexibility are core strengths – we can deliver projects on a wide range of budgets from web video to IMAX screens – and all at a cost-effective
price point.

About Us

Creative Moving Picture

Skylab Productions, based in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, is a full service video production outfit.
Owner, Shehab Illyas, has over 20 years of experience in the visual arts and has made a name for himself by creating compelling, high-quality productions for a variety of sectors that span from medical sciences to commercial advertising to fine arts. Skylab Productions uses state
of the art equipment to capture the highest quality images. This is not another DSLR-based operation.
Skylab utilizes the RED system, professional lighting
and cutting edge production techniques to compete
with world-class capability.

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Skylab is also a close working partner with The SHIRE Film Scoring. The SHIRE
is a Halifax-based music house that is one of the regions most sought-after
facilities for soundtrack and music production.

The crew at Skylab Productions understands that sound is an incredibly important component of a moving-picture production. Working closely with music and sound from the beginning of a project can make a world of difference in the final product.

At Skylab, we offer a turn-key solution for companies or individuals looking
to achieve a video production that can compete on the world stage. We are an agile and efficient operation that can move much quicker than larger studios that have to, effectively, "feed" their larger operating expenses. We can create an amazing,
world-class production at a very competitive price point. We look forward to hearing from you!